iFixit is known for fixing electronics, but we want to help people fix everything—whether or not it has a motherboard. After all, everything breaks eventually. Recently, we challenged folks to fix their camping and outdoor gear at a pop-up repair clinic we hosted with our good friends from The Mountain Air and Patagonia.

Volunteers and local repair experts helped attendees repair around 50 different items—including tons of zippers, three different tents, two camp stoves, a handful of backpacks, lots of ripped and torn clothing items, a half dozen shoes… and a partridge in a pear tree.

Here’s some pictures from The Mountain Air Repair Fair:

A visitor patches up his apparel after a quick sewing tutorial.

Patagonia’s repair experts helps visitors mend their apparel.

iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens learns how to operate an antique Singer sewing machine.

A happy attendee is ready to hit the trail again after patching up her backpack.

If you’re interested in learning how to patch your jeans or mend a broken down tent, check our gear repair guides.

Julia Bluff is a writer, blogger, and repair advocate at iFixit.com

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