Happy holidays, fixers! This Christmas was an especially nice one for iFixit. We were featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times on Christmas Day!

Laura Nelson, our new favorite reporter, spent the day with us back in November, just as we were tearing apart Google’s Nexus 4. Here’s a sneak peek of the article she authored about the experience:

“To iFixit staff, every high-resolution photograph of naked phone bits splayed across a table is a small act of rebellion against big technology companies like Apple, Google and Samsung. Tear-downs, they say, are a rallying cry for the common man to grab a screwdriver and take back the right to do it yourself.”

Check out the full profile of iFixit on the LA Times web site.

And to every member of our community who has, even once, contributed to iFixit by answering a repair question, writing a repair manual, or sharing a repair story, thanks for helping us make the world a more repairable place—one broken device at a time.

Kyle is the co-founder and CEO of iFixit.

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