If you like shiny things, Apple has an iPod for you. It’s like getting a free mirror! And it’s only $20 extra.

Pulling apart the new Shuffle SE

We’ve already taken apart one of these little guys, but we took apart the $99 iPod shuffle Special Edition because we were curious about the new case material. This iPod features an incredibly shiny stainless steel enclosure. According to Apple’s marketing-speak, “It’s as brilliant as your taste in music.”

  • Contrary to Apple’s typical claims of “smaller packaging to save the environment,” this iPod’s packaging is 65% larger than the original 3rd Gen shuffle.
  • The new shuffle weighs in at 17.2 grams, nearly 61% more than the 10.7 gram aluminum shuffle.
  • The black 3rd generation had a black screw, while our silver special edition had a silver screw. It looks like Apple gives you matching screws.

After removing the internals, the stainless steel casing weighs 12 grams. That doesn’t seem like much, except that the iPod itself only weighs 5 grams. Over 70% of this iPod’s weight comes from its shell!

Removing the logic board and battery

iPod Shuffle case, logic board, and battery

Kyle is the co-founder and CEO of iFixit.