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high quality hermes replica HomeNewsUK NewsThames Valley PoliceM40 crash: Police name OAP couple who died after driving caravan wrong way down road killing ex soldierThe driver and the passenger of the Subaru, which drove the wrong way down the M40, have been named as John Norton, 80, and Olive Howard, 87, both from High WycombeM40 crash: Family of ex soldier killed when elderly wrong way driver ploughed into his car say: ‘It was completely avoidable’A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “The driver and a passenger of the Subaru died.”They have been formally identified as John Norton, aged 80, and Olive Howard, aged 87, both from High Wycombe.”Mr Richards, 32, served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Royal Engineers and, after leaving the service in 2016, he most recently worked as a health and safety inspector.The former serviceman who had just finalised the sale of a house with his girlfriend had been heading home at the time of the accident.The rogue Subaru Forrester was reportedly travelling at about 60mph when it crashed into him.M40 crash: Three dead after car towing caravan in wrong direction smashes into oncoming vehiclesHis relatives have said the ex soldier’s death was “completely avoidable” after they learned the elderly driver had crashed the same 4X4 just five days earlier.Stuart’s younger brother Niall described him as their hermes replica handbags birkin family’s “rock”.Speaking to MailOnline, he claimed: “It could have been completely avoided if certain things had been put into practice.”This is the world we live in under police cuts and roads not being looked after properly.”Right now, we are more angry than upset.”Mr Richards was also a member of Veterans For Peace, which has invited fellow members to attend his funeral in hermes belt replica aaa Nuneaton, Warwickshire, on November 2.Dramatic footage Hermes Kelly Replica shows how the car towing a caravan travelled up the motorway in the wrong direction before crashing into two oncoming vehicles.West Oxfordshire councillor Colin Dingwall told the Sun replica hermes loafers : “I’ve seen a lot of things in my 50 years on the road, but never a caravan coming the wrong way up the M40.”Luckily I and the cars near me managed to pull into the middle lane and get out of the way. He must have been going about 60mph. I had about two seconds to react.”Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineReal Life StoriesNazi prison camp survivor, 100, tells how his life was saved by his music bandLearning to play the trumpet and trombone saved the life of starving Edward White and his fellow camp musiciansBobby MooreWorld Cup winner Bobby Moore named BBC’s best ever sports personalityThe sporting legend’s daughter Roberta called the recognition “very touching and a huge comfort”OFSTEDChannel 4’s Educating Greater Manchester school Harrop Fold in special measuresA scathing report into Harrop Fold High has found a litany of issues at the secondary school which starred hermes belt replica cheap in Channel 4’s Educating Greater ManchesterUkraine crisisUkraine parliament votes for 30 day hermes birkin crocodile bag replica martial law amid Russia tensions Russia has been urged to release Ukrainian navy ships and sailors seized over the weekend near CrimeaCrimeGirl, 15, ‘forced into prostitution and beaten to death after client complained’Tragic Lui Yu’s dismembered body was found buried close to an empty house in Shenmu city, in the northwest of China high quality hermes replica.

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