We all lose our footing sometimes. Walking down the street, making life decisions, and even on our MacBooks—as we’ve illustrated with our new Underbelly Fix Kits.

MacBook Underbelly

As someone who regularly experiences all three of these problems, it was comforting to see how many of you are dealing with the lattermost. (Obviously, I’m sorry you’re “light” on your feet, but that’s why we’re here!) I also enjoyed all of the new foot puns—I’ve been running out of ideas.

Without further ado, here are the five winning entries from our Underbelly Fix Kit giveaway contest:


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My trusty mid-2014 MBP is only missing one foot, so if I win one of the MacBook repair kits, I promise to bring…well, at least two of the feet in to work for others to use (@nickrgrace )! Gotta keep a spare! #iFixit https://t.co/YdJaLBE45l

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Thank you to everyone who participated! To those who won, go forth and put your best foot forward with your brand-new shoes. And if you have yet to find your feet, you can get an Underbelly Fix Kit here.

Elise Barsch is Social Media Manager and Copywriter at iFixit.com.